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i am gods favorite cup of tea.......

Sometime back a friend of mine sent an sms saying, "the true flavor of a tea is tested when put in hot water. So if you are feeling gloomy today, shed it are God's own favorite cup of tea" .......Oh my God! it surely did put a smile on my face. Osho had said somewhere once that heaven and hell are not geographical places... they are our states of mind. WE create them. I only realised the truth of the statement these last six- seven months. I have visited this place called hell and its a very nasty place to spend a lifetime.....And nobody enters with you there and nobody ever can pull you out from this place. I have cried, I have gone crazy, miserable, frustrated, anxious, tense and cried all over again...I did a lot of brooding on my imagined past bad karmas ....nothing helped. I stopped my meditations. And then one day as if it was a miracle I pulled myself out of it. Now I am back. Thank you my blogger friends ....each one of you... I am not mentioning the names…

was shakespeare a woman?

Act I, sc i
Enter jyotsana (hidden behind the curtains hudson and robin)
Friends, Romans, countrymen (never mind if you are neither of these)
just lend me your ears(and your eyes as well) that will do
I am fresh and back from a short vacation to Maharashtra
I gleefully read with glutton
all the comments you put in there on my last post
what ho! I am also back to talk about a woman in particular
god forbid
it’s a man in particular of infinite charms
O mistake me not friends for the Comedy of Errors
I am hitherto a blogger
but here is my Shakespeare
Good bloggers take heart
after my last two posts on love stories
do not you misjudge me
that I deviate from my sole purpose
but do confess here i
my own love affair with the man called Shakespeare
and the turbulence within of the most horrid kind
ever since my ears heard of the controversies raged
By John Hudson and Robin P. Williams
who mistake him for some Amelia Bassano or Countess of Pembroke
A foolish thought to utter

O the effect of Midsummer Night's …

tagged for the very first time

Can you hear me singing like Madonna…touched for the very first time…oh yyes I sure am so happy today. A blogger friend called sucharita considered me worthy enough to be tagged. So finally I am also tagged …ooops my blog is tagged ... oh the strange ways of this wonderful blogosphere…….and you naïve ones if you want to know what this tagging is then go ask others and come back and tell me... let me be happy for a while. I don’t know what this means but I am not a fool not to know that it surely is something very desirable in the blogging world.

Sucharita also thinks that I read a lot. well I do read but next to not at all. I think I am closer to what I wrote on the blue bicycle blog as a comment some time back that my own life reads like fiction to me these days.... ah this book called life! I read , I chew, I digest till it becomes me. Well sometimes its like a comic book ...too many dialogues and visuals with no story line or very little progression. I look for the page no. 123 but…

amrita - imroz a gospel of love

This is me and that is you and in the chasm is the dream
wrote a woman once of her relationship with the man she loved and lived with. Some love stories reverberate like hymns in this universe. Love is a spiritual force in itself since it is a part of the inner world. In terms of events it happens between two people in a particular time and space but its fragrance spreads across time and space both.
Amrita-imroz A love Story is a contemporary love legend which Penguin India brought to the world. It is best described not as a story of a woman or a man but a biography of a love story penned by Uma Trilok who was fortunate enough to spend some precious moments with the lovers just before Amrita left her body on October 31, 2005 at the age of 86. Being a Reiki and Pranik healer, the writer formed close ties with Amrita and Imroz and what came out is a book which is so soothing that it takes you to yourself.
Love is a word which carries a halo around itself when used as a word. Ironically in…

jodha akbar - a true love story

Thirteen years back I had seen Allahabad Fort built by Emperor Akbar in 1583 A.D which stands erect even today except in those places probably the zenana which are very near to Yamuna where it has sunken in. This is the area which Akbar had designed especially for his wife Jodha. The windows of the side where this rajput princess often stayed face Yamuna, a river worshipped especially by people who worship Krishna. The architecture was in such a way that that the river used to flow inside the fort touching the walls of her palace so that she did not have to go out but could bathe right in the river staying in her palace named as Jodhabai Palace. When I saw it for the first time I was very young then… my mind full of romances waiting to be lived…it had brought a smile to my face… I thought that’s the way it is between every man and woman on this earth. Life teaches otherwise. To fall in love is easy…to be in love for a lifetime is more often a dream.

It was a thinking out of box when As…

the planet me

into the center
from all the points
on the periphery
i am a sphere.

till death do us part….???

Like a Cross
I bear over my shoulders
The weight
Of a dead matrimony
The single parent of your child
Left alone
To answer my own inadequacies
Nails pierce
I never bleed
Tears fall
Into the black holes of the night.
I trudge uphill
Golgotha continues…..
… So what’s in store
I look into the hollow sky
I murmur
A prayer insignificant
Lord forgive
I too am flesh and blood.

if gautam buddha were a mother

He would have never left for dense forests… matter what was at stake….it could have been an entire eternity .
Leaving Yashodhara his wife was no big deal. This could have been the story of an ordinary man in quest of anything but self.
To be able to leave Rahul, his son…is the question. If Buddha were a mom he would have never been able to forsake his small son …not for anything….not even Self. History has been a witness that even enlightened women or women in quest of Truth have never abandoned their children in favor of even God Himself.
Before leaving his innocent child sleeping …these probably would have been the thoughts that would have troubled him or rather her….to trace just a few... .
She would have looked at him again and again and yet again only to think…
Who would feel for you dear son with the same one-ness with you as I do….feel the tears in one’s eyes and smiles in one’s heart as I do..
Who will wake up in the middle of the night when you are in fever to see that everyth…

listen to your body

Sometimes we are bogged down by aches in the body. That is the time you are reminded of that part of the body. It is only when the head aches that we realize that we have a head. Most of the times who even remembers having a head or legs or arms.
But when the pain takes over there is hardly anything else that one can think of.
As we are all aware today through recent findings that 90% of our problems are psychosomatic in nature. When we are low and depressed we invite illnesses unconsciously. It is our Unconscious Mind that is responsible for our state of body most of the times. How…this we’ll talk about later.
Have you seen that when you look at some-one…the behavior of the other changes…even if the other is not very conscious that you have been looking. Scientists say that even the movement of the electron is slightly altered when looked at. This is because we are not living in a solid lifeless world…this entire cosmos…is all energy…including us.
So here is a small meditation technique …

happy earth day

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”, translated from Sanskrit will mean “this entire earth is my family.”This is what the sages felt and lived centuries back. And not just the sages, even the ordinary man loved and respected Nature. The sun. the moon, the earth were all gods. Sounds primitive, no? But think of it. The concept is definitely wiser now that we stand on the brink of losing our earth forever if we do not wake up . Let’s not take this precious gift to us as granted. This is the womb from where our bodies came, this is the mother who nurtures us,................bearing our weight as we walk over its bosom unmindfully..........forgiving us, ............and the ultimate rest place when we no shall no longer be in our bodies.
Think at least once before switching on your ACs, using detergent powders,cutting off trees,tearing off papers insanely…………..and well you know the list is so long.
Let us come together. We indeed are one family.
Let us join hands for this beautiful earth – our home.

woman i know

Woman I see you turning dross to gold seducing words to poetry in the white heat of passion ................................................ Woman I hear you have crossed roads those streaks of hair now burn like stars catching sparks and a zillion desires ............................................................ Woman i feel you burn yourself to ash to be an amber once.................... ....................................................... .......................................................

the mother is born

There was a time I must confess when I did not want to become a mother. I wondered why people were over populating this beautiful earth. I always felt that people should bring babies from the orphanage and love them as their own which is something I feel for even today. Why have surrogate mothers, why have cousins or relatives reproduce for you when there are so many in the world waiting for you. Destiny however chooses its own course. Six years back I became mamma to my beautiful daughter. Six years back I became mamma to every child. And then gradually as my heart melted for any child whom I knew or knew not, it dawned to me why motherhood is so important a milestone in the journey of a woman as a woman. Some women give birth to a number of children and never become mothers. Some women never conceive never give birth to a single child and are mothers in every sense of the word. Motherhood does not seem to be a word coined for women who merely become instruments in the hands of nature s…

my daughter and i

Recently I put my daughter in a new school. While retuning home the six year old said suddenly, "when I grow up I'll be having some more freedom, isn't it"
Fredom? I was puzzled. It had never occurred to me that there was any lack of freedom in her world. She had almost everything she needed or desired. And there were very few things I ever said no to or denied to her simply respecting her as a human - being........... free and beautiful ...........whichever way she was. I said what freedom? She said "well it's a big school and I am a big girl now so after school may be you wouldn't say anything if I go out with my friends have some fun and then get back home."and added, "of course when I grow up a little."I remember mumbling something trying to sound wise and reasonable about why parents need to be protective about the child etc. etc. all of which she listened with patience and almost with a sympathetic acceptance. She did not mention the…

age is beautiful

Youth is beautiful. And so is age.Dear Woman.
I see women distraught over a few wrinkles, painfully hiding a few streaks of grey hair. Dyeing hair into a desirable color, making the belly taut, lifting the breasts and the face are smart ways of looking isn't wrong at all...but desperately clinging to what's passing can create much misery and carried on too far should raise a few questions : what is the motive - fooling others? And the next- am I fooling myself?

I sometimes wonder who has given these foolish guidelines to beauty . Some maniac who who got up in the morning and dreamed that there shall be no noon and no sun-set?And found no beauty in the mellowness and the ripening. The crazy mind.

Is the grey hair not beautiful? And what's wrong with a few wrinkles? Aging beautifully and gracefully is all about acceptance and not fighting against the wisdom of Nature. Physical degeneration is a natural process which comes over the years and brings along with it su…

a letter to my friends

hi all of you
i felt that i should be writing to all my friends who visit me here and sometimes leave with a feeling that i have something against men. No my dear friends nothings brewing or simmering in my heart against this fascinating species. women i love them just as much as you do. of course brutalities against any-one brings tears to my eyes and against women and children bleeds my heart even more. writing about it is the least i can do.

and i never said that we dont need them. in deep love the relationship between a man and a woman is like that between the sky and the earth, the sun and the light, the flower and the fragrance. but i wish every man and woman could feel this way for each other at least once in their life.
love all of you.
and yes i pray that men could feel with as much sensitivity.

is god a man or a woman?

The Vatican has ruled out all forms of feminist theology in Catholicism saying that God must be revered as "Our Father."This has led some liberal Catholics to think that the Pope is not "our Pope"
Pope's further comments against feminist theology and any-one using words like "Creator", "Redeemer", "Sanctifier" would have to be re-baptised provoke much thought.
Any spiritual head's first concern towards humanity should be towards the deeper realms of the heart and mind and not towards rectifying the vocabulary or the language or grammar.
There's nothing wrong in calling God as "Our Father." God is Father. God is Mother too. In fact here is the One who transcends all relationships, all names, all boundaries. In fact He is more like Mother- bringing to birth, nurturing, loving, listening and there for you every moment. And yet all relationships are bundled into one into This Supreme Force. Call and you shall be answered…

together on this earth: are we strangers?

Those of us who are destiny’s own child they go on smiling: those of us who fall a prey into the cruel hands of destiny, it’s a different story altogether.
Those of us who wish to keep our eyes shut life is rosy;
This piece of writing is dedicated to all those...... for whom every tear that falls from any eye drops into their own heart .

Two days back I received the following e-mail which left me numb for some time. Please read on to find out about the kind of people we are living with in this world.

Dear All,
Outrage in South Africa
Last week a 3 year old girl in South Africa was beaten and raped. She is still alive. The man responsible was
released on bail yesterday. He is walking the streets. If you are too busy to read this then just sign your name and forward this on. The SOUTH AFRICAN Government is planning to close the child protection unit and this is a petition against it. This is a very important petition. It is an essential part of the justice system for children.
You may have alr…
What is beauty? Adam never asked. He was fresh. So was Eve. And so was this beautiful earth. Beauty was alive. Not a word. Not a concept. An experience that Adam and Eve could inhale. Everything was in the moment. There was no past no future. There was no comparison. No good. No better. No best. Everything was unique. Not better or worse but unique in its uniqueness. Then the mind crept in. Good and bad crept in. And entered a whole world of concept and knowledge. Over centuries beauty has had so many definitions. Broadly speaking Beauty is skin deep..... divine....... truth......... And today it is more physical than ever. Fairness of the skin? Color of the eyes? Hair? Emaciated looks? Great body? All definitions imprison beauty into narrow cells. I feel that beauty can only be an experience. As real as your breath. To me beauty is something that brings harmony to your inner being. That which reaches out to your inner space and gives you more silence than words. That which introduces you to yoursel…

who needs to be liberated?

Everyday I read that women need to be liberated. One question often comes to my mind: from what? What is it that a woman needs to be liberated from?
Equality is a definite yes-yes but at what cost?
In order to be equal to men why must a woman behave like a man, eat, dress act even abuse like a man? That’s selling the essence of a woman too short.
And does It not say that we are no good; we were born lesser so we shall become like you.
To fight against men women today are emulating them . Aggressive. Assertive. And in turn lose their femininity, grace, poise, beauty.
But who said that we need to fight against men in order to be equal? And who needs to be equal? To whom and why?
And what does a woman needs to be liberated from? Nothing at all. She just needs to be herself.
It is men who need to be liberated.
Liberated from the way they see women.
Liberated from the task of assigning roles for women.
Liberated from the way they put their own expectations on her of a demi-goddess.
Liberated from the…

the anxious earth

This one's once again about the world that was meant to be so wonderful but the growing insensitivity of people has given it its present face.

Newspapers scream (sell!!!)
An infant raped
A family ripped
by hired killers
A boy of eight kills another.
We sit in silence
Mummy Daddy and I
A sheet in each hand
sipping hot hot tea in a cold cold morning
We keep our eyes closed
to the walls for rumblings next door.
Anaesthetised to dead cries
We shall with our wet sponge
wipe blood splashes
off the smoke glass panes
in the lazy afternoons.
Electronic prints rise to meaning
in the misty mornings
and fall into endless maze.
We are afraid to go in crowds
lest there be a stampede.
Our own still drama in flux
Moves in linear expansion
We do not move nor change
but wait for time
to offer us
a set of new truths.
Their faces are so many.
Holding to morality as dogs to crumbs
Distrusting what scares us.
A fate hangs in futurity.
The events not in time
but experiences
ever rising, ever present
to lick thoughts into physic…

for you and me

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

This earth is such a lovely place to be. And love is just the right thing to happen to anybody.

Here’s a small note for you love birds.

The home that I chose
For you and me
Has no doors
Neither the walls
It’s just a space
A clear blue sky
Between you and me
And the brown earth beneath
Ah a world of fragrance, sights and sounds
Fill our senses
And melt into silences
You and I.

single woman on planet earth

to every womani know

Did you see this picture of a "single woman" on Mars recently? Alone amongst rocks in a surrounding that looks like a desert. And still seems to be having a good time!!

Imet this woman today.
All of 35 years. Sparkling. Smart. And best she says “single”.
She looked very happy and herself.
She was celebrating her divorce-ary.
Divorce-ary! Well that’s a new word in a woman’s dictionary these days.
With marriage vows going sour as fast as you pronounced them and ‘all over’ on issues like…….well you didn’t know how to squeeze the tooth-paste from the tube, it isn’t a grave matter anymore.
So is she the woman dumped by her husband, the abandoned wife? Huh? Just blessed enough to be left alone to her SELF. That’s the way my friend described herself. Single Woman- In control of her destiny.
Gone are those days when a single woman was seen as lonely, distraught, miserable. Fussy, Frustrated, Finished.
Today she is into a new avatar of a smarter, savvier and sexier icon. …

why not eliminate women completely?

Stop blaming the parents for female foeticide. A world without a single woman is what you fear? It shall be so one day. I read a news item that said that there's a new Japanese game which has penetrated even the remote cities of India which is about how to rape a woman. It can be played by a number of men together. Here a woman can be seen as screaming for help, trying to protect herself in vain while the men can strip her clothes and do as they wish. I wondered sometime back on Mumbai outrage and the irksome irresponsible comment of the police official who said that it was a little matter. A little matter that two women are attacked and molested by a mob of forty men. Everyday one hears of female infants being raped and killed by men as old as fifty. Is this the civilisation we are proud of? Is this a world worth living?
Why blame the parents who kill the foetus in the womb. At least they shall kill them with more love than bring them up lovingly and see them killed by a pack of fo…