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is god a man or a woman?

The Vatican has ruled out all forms of feminist theology in Catholicism saying that God must be revered as "Our Father." This has led some liberal Catholics to think that the Pope is not "our Pope"

Pope's further comments against feminist theology and any-one using words like "Creator", "Redeemer", "Sanctifier" would have to be re-baptised provoke much thought.

Any spiritual head's first concern towards humanity should be towards the deeper realms of the heart and mind and not towards rectifying the vocabulary or the language or grammar.

There's nothing wrong in calling God as "Our Father." God is Father. God is Mother too. In fact here is the One who transcends all relationships, all names, all boundaries. In fact He is more like Mother- bringing to birth, nurturing, loving, listening and there for you every moment. And yet all relationships are bundled into one into This Supreme Force. Call and you shall be answered.

Only you should know how to call.


grandmistress said…
Hello there, I didnt read your entire essay, to be honest. But I was struck by the photos that you posted. They are lovely.

About women: its a rather belated observation that women are no longer dependent on men. But as a woman, I hate to confess this, that its beautiful to be loved by a man. Its often difficult to be madly in love and discern a destructive relationship.
S.Ghosh said…
hi, am with you ultimately matters not its forms.....
Zen said…
You visited my blog and I visted your blog too... it is very nice!!
My inglish is no good...:(
See you!!!
The Illuminator said…
I think God is beyond any gender prejudices. Being Hindu's we do have diety's who have a human male or feminine resemblance. But the fact remains that what you perceive you God to be is highly subjective! I may imagine my God to be a young kid, or an aged lady and how the world felt about it would barely matter, because it is what I believe in.

Feminism galore on your blog though I appreciate the fact that you have drawn a neat line between being pro-women and anti-men.
Kunjubi said…
Jyostna...i am surprised for what u have written here as a controversy.. Love is God.
do you really believe in organised religion, who blabber to keep the establishment running without trouble?.. Forget it.Dont heed them. From time immemorial they have been professing so many absurd things, and we still follow them blind folded! Time to open our eyes to see the truth. Cheers. kunjubi
> Any spiritual head's first concern towards humanity should be towards the deeper realms of the heart and mind and not towards rectifying the vocabulary or the language or grammar.


> God is Father. God is Mother too.

I don't know if you've heard of Mary Baker Eddy or Christian Scientists, but some of their prayers actually address God as "Father-Mother God".

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