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my daughter and i

Recently I put my daughter in a new school. While retuning home the six year old said suddenly, "when I grow up I'll be having some more freedom, isn't it"
Fredom? I was puzzled. It had never occurred to me that there was any lack of freedom in her world. She had almost everything she needed or desired. And there were very few things I ever said no to or denied to her simply respecting her as a human - being........... free and beautiful ...........whichever way she was. I said what freedom? She said "well it's a big school and I am a big girl now so after school may be you wouldn't say anything if I go out with my friends have some fun and then get back home."and added, "of course when I grow up a little."I remember mumbling something trying to sound wise and reasonable about why parents need to be protective about the child etc. etc. all of which she listened with patience and almost with a sympathetic acceptance. She did not mention the…

age is beautiful

Youth is beautiful. And so is age.Dear Woman.
I see women distraught over a few wrinkles, painfully hiding a few streaks of grey hair. Dyeing hair into a desirable color, making the belly taut, lifting the breasts and the face are smart ways of looking isn't wrong at all...but desperately clinging to what's passing can create much misery and carried on too far should raise a few questions : what is the motive - fooling others? And the next- am I fooling myself?

I sometimes wonder who has given these foolish guidelines to beauty . Some maniac who who got up in the morning and dreamed that there shall be no noon and no sun-set?And found no beauty in the mellowness and the ripening. The crazy mind.

Is the grey hair not beautiful? And what's wrong with a few wrinkles? Aging beautifully and gracefully is all about acceptance and not fighting against the wisdom of Nature. Physical degeneration is a natural process which comes over the years and brings along with it su…

a letter to my friends

hi all of you
i felt that i should be writing to all my friends who visit me here and sometimes leave with a feeling that i have something against men. No my dear friends nothings brewing or simmering in my heart against this fascinating species. women i love them just as much as you do. of course brutalities against any-one brings tears to my eyes and against women and children bleeds my heart even more. writing about it is the least i can do.

and i never said that we dont need them. in deep love the relationship between a man and a woman is like that between the sky and the earth, the sun and the light, the flower and the fragrance. but i wish every man and woman could feel this way for each other at least once in their life.
love all of you.
and yes i pray that men could feel with as much sensitivity.

is god a man or a woman?

The Vatican has ruled out all forms of feminist theology in Catholicism saying that God must be revered as "Our Father."This has led some liberal Catholics to think that the Pope is not "our Pope"
Pope's further comments against feminist theology and any-one using words like "Creator", "Redeemer", "Sanctifier" would have to be re-baptised provoke much thought.
Any spiritual head's first concern towards humanity should be towards the deeper realms of the heart and mind and not towards rectifying the vocabulary or the language or grammar.
There's nothing wrong in calling God as "Our Father." God is Father. God is Mother too. In fact here is the One who transcends all relationships, all names, all boundaries. In fact He is more like Mother- bringing to birth, nurturing, loving, listening and there for you every moment. And yet all relationships are bundled into one into This Supreme Force. Call and you shall be answered…