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amrita - imroz a gospel of love

This is me and that is you and in the chasm is the dream
wrote a woman once of her relationship with the man she loved and lived with. Some love stories reverberate like hymns in this universe. Love is a spiritual force in itself since it is a part of the inner world. In terms of events it happens between two people in a particular time and space but its fragrance spreads across time and space both.
Amrita-imroz A love Story is a contemporary love legend which Penguin India brought to the world. It is best described not as a story of a woman or a man but a biography of a love story penned by Uma Trilok who was fortunate enough to spend some precious moments with the lovers just before Amrita left her body on October 31, 2005 at the age of 86. Being a Reiki and Pranik healer, the writer formed close ties with Amrita and Imroz and what came out is a book which is so soothing that it takes you to yourself.
Love is a word which carries a halo around itself when used as a word. Ironically in…

jodha akbar - a true love story

Thirteen years back I had seen Allahabad Fort built by Emperor Akbar in 1583 A.D which stands erect even today except in those places probably the zenana which are very near to Yamuna where it has sunken in. This is the area which Akbar had designed especially for his wife Jodha. The windows of the side where this rajput princess often stayed face Yamuna, a river worshipped especially by people who worship Krishna. The architecture was in such a way that that the river used to flow inside the fort touching the walls of her palace so that she did not have to go out but could bathe right in the river staying in her palace named as Jodhabai Palace. When I saw it for the first time I was very young then… my mind full of romances waiting to be lived…it had brought a smile to my face… I thought that’s the way it is between every man and woman on this earth. Life teaches otherwise. To fall in love is easy…to be in love for a lifetime is more often a dream.

It was a thinking out of box when As…

the planet me

into the center
from all the points
on the periphery
i am a sphere.

till death do us part….???

Like a Cross
I bear over my shoulders
The weight
Of a dead matrimony
The single parent of your child
Left alone
To answer my own inadequacies
Nails pierce
I never bleed
Tears fall
Into the black holes of the night.
I trudge uphill
Golgotha continues…..
… So what’s in store
I look into the hollow sky
I murmur
A prayer insignificant
Lord forgive
I too am flesh and blood.

if gautam buddha were a mother

He would have never left for dense forests… matter what was at stake….it could have been an entire eternity .
Leaving Yashodhara his wife was no big deal. This could have been the story of an ordinary man in quest of anything but self.
To be able to leave Rahul, his son…is the question. If Buddha were a mom he would have never been able to forsake his small son …not for anything….not even Self. History has been a witness that even enlightened women or women in quest of Truth have never abandoned their children in favor of even God Himself.
Before leaving his innocent child sleeping …these probably would have been the thoughts that would have troubled him or rather her….to trace just a few... .
She would have looked at him again and again and yet again only to think…
Who would feel for you dear son with the same one-ness with you as I do….feel the tears in one’s eyes and smiles in one’s heart as I do..
Who will wake up in the middle of the night when you are in fever to see that everyth…

listen to your body

Sometimes we are bogged down by aches in the body. That is the time you are reminded of that part of the body. It is only when the head aches that we realize that we have a head. Most of the times who even remembers having a head or legs or arms.
But when the pain takes over there is hardly anything else that one can think of.
As we are all aware today through recent findings that 90% of our problems are psychosomatic in nature. When we are low and depressed we invite illnesses unconsciously. It is our Unconscious Mind that is responsible for our state of body most of the times. How…this we’ll talk about later.
Have you seen that when you look at some-one…the behavior of the other changes…even if the other is not very conscious that you have been looking. Scientists say that even the movement of the electron is slightly altered when looked at. This is because we are not living in a solid lifeless world…this entire cosmos…is all energy…including us.
So here is a small meditation technique …