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listen to your body

Sometimes we are bogged down by aches in the body. That is the time you are reminded of that part of the body. It is only when the head aches that we realize that we have a head. Most of the times who even remembers having a head or legs or arms.
But when the pain takes over there is hardly anything else that one can think of.
As we are all aware today through recent findings that 90% of our problems are psychosomatic in nature. When we are low and depressed we invite illnesses unconsciously. It is our Unconscious Mind that is responsible for our state of body most of the times. How…this we’ll talk about later.
Have you seen that when you look at some-one…the behavior of the other changes…even if the other is not very conscious that you have been looking. Scientists say that even the movement of the electron is slightly altered when looked at. This is because we are not living in a solid lifeless world…this entire cosmos…is all energy…including us.
So here is a small meditation technique I wish to share with all my friends. For this I am grateful to my guru, Osho. This technique helps the body to feel better, makes us see that we are not merely our bodies thus soothing the pain.

Wherever you are….....relax.
Close your eyes.
Take a few deep breaths….inhale deeply….allow your consciousness move inside along with your breath…move in….and allow your consciousness to move along with as you exhale…
Stay in the present moment…witnessing your breath for a few moments will help you do that…do not allow your mind to
wander in the past or into the future…dreams…fears..aspirations…not now. Be with your body with totality ….right here…right now..
Now gradually move your attention to the part where you want healing…… keep looking at it….keeping your eyes closed…look at it….look not with your external eyes…but from within…simply watch from within..
Be very aware…be in the present moment…….feel the pain…do not complain….just stay there with all your awareness…looking at the pain ….feeling it…as it is…
There is no hurry…this is not the time you want to go some-where or become something-else. You are with the most precious, most loved…your best friend….your body.

Simply watch……..
…feeling the pain….watching………….you will see an extended dull area of pain…
Go on watching…. If you go on watching the area of pain you will feel the area shrinking…gradually…area of pain shrinking to a smaller spot….and even smaller…..till it comes to a point of sharp pain….a concentrated small point ……..this is the point where actually the pain is.
Let your energy flow towards it…with total awareness…total attention…….. total acceptance.
Stay focused…on the point….

And suddenly you will find the point vanishes…keep looking for a few more moments…and you are healed. You will be surprised that the pain evaporates….and if it doesn’t if done with sincerity and totality it may give you the real cause behind the pain.


Hi Jyotsana,

Your post was the perfect pick-me-up for me. What a serene, calm way of healing oneself! Thanks a lot, especially now that I'm feeling rather unwell myself. I do love reading your posts, they are so well-thought-out.
Jackie said…

Your guru sounds like Adiyashanti - my favorite - I think if I read this particular blog everyday, my life will not feel so out of control, and I will be rested and full of peace - thanx,
Tigress said…
I am a medical person myself,, but I feel and believe that healing through inside energy, and spiritual awareness is so much more real that healing with modern medicine.. Healing spiritually really heals the core cause of the ailment, while modern medicine heals symptoms,,
Your words are so soothing,, I was so much into your words that I really could hear you saying them so softly, you are so lucky to have a guru..

P.S. Thank you for your nice words on my blog,, love truly is a perplexing feeling, we can never live without it, it is the Ultimate power,, and we will always live looking for it, few ones are lucky to find the real gem,, but for sure it is never by your choice that you fall in love...
S.Ghosh said…
dear jyotsana i sometime feel you are my "relative" and do u know how i define that?any person with whom i can re-late myself is my true relative....
its amazingly true that i am amongst the lucky one who have found such a person ....
may always God bless you with wisdom and may you help everybody as you are doing now.....
take care friend!!!
Sheena said…
And your children will one day talk of you and respect you with all that I respect mine. Children know single mothers work hard. We see it, even though we won't comprehend it until years later :)

p.s. Listening to your body is so, so, so very crucial...
the basu said…
glad you shared this piece of sure is worth trying out..but tell me does this healing apply to abstract things???
Hi Jyotsana,

Thanks for the visit. I am back to normal and you are right about the importance of listening to our bodies (esp. for mothers with growing children).

Lol till the next much-anticipated next post!
Cheri said…
Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog with your kind comment. I'm glad to have a chance to visit your blog too. Take care.
SwAtI said…
Reeally nice!!
I definitely need to follow this.. :)
Keep such posts flowing in!!
*~*Sameera*~* said…
Just reading it brings about an immense sense of relaxation! :)
Eric said…
Slowing down, listening to the body, and finding calmness seem vital - and so easily overlooked in our hectic world!

Thanks for reminding me to pay attention - now.

One minor point. In a world of hunger, disease, and death, I'm not sure that 90% of diseases are psychosomatic. That's a very bold statement that undercuts the poetry and power of the illuminating post. Our minds possess great untapped powers, but the external world brings many suffering people into hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices.

Or so it seems to a stressed out, computer junkie living in Los Angeles!
Very insightful. Thank you for sharing this.

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