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why not eliminate women completely?

Stop blaming the parents for female foeticide. A world without a single woman is what you fear? It shall be so one day. I read a news item that said that there's a new Japanese game which has penetrated even the remote cities of India which is about how to rape a woman. It can be played by a number of men together. Here a woman can be seen as screaming for help, trying to protect herself in vain while the men can strip her clothes and do as they wish. I wondered sometime back on Mumbai outrage and the irksome irresponsible comment of the police official who said that it was a little matter. A little matter that two women are attacked and molested by a mob of forty men. Everyday one hears of female infants being raped and killed by men as old as fifty. Is this the civilisation we are proud of? Is this a world worth living?
Why blame the parents who kill the foetus in the womb. At least they shall kill them with more love than bring them up lovingly and see them killed by a pack of fo…