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was shakespeare a woman?

Act I, sc i
Enter jyotsana (hidden behind the curtains hudson and robin)
Friends, Romans, countrymen (never mind if you are neither of these)
just lend me your ears(and your eyes as well) that will do
I am fresh and back from a short vacation to Maharashtra
I gleefully read with glutton
all the comments you put in there on my last post
what ho! I am also back to talk about a woman in particular
god forbid
it’s a man in particular of infinite charms
O mistake me not friends for the Comedy of Errors
I am hitherto a blogger
but here is my Shakespeare
Good bloggers take heart
after my last two posts on love stories
do not you misjudge me
that I deviate from my sole purpose
but do confess here i
my own love affair with the man called Shakespeare
and the turbulence within of the most horrid kind
ever since my ears heard of the controversies raged
By John Hudson and Robin P. Williams
who mistake him for some Amelia Bassano or Countess of Pembroke
A foolish thought to utter

O the effect of Midsummer Night's …

tagged for the very first time

Can you hear me singing like Madonna…touched for the very first time…oh yyes I sure am so happy today. A blogger friend called sucharita considered me worthy enough to be tagged. So finally I am also tagged …ooops my blog is tagged ... oh the strange ways of this wonderful blogosphere…….and you na├»ve ones if you want to know what this tagging is then go ask others and come back and tell me... let me be happy for a while. I don’t know what this means but I am not a fool not to know that it surely is something very desirable in the blogging world.

Sucharita also thinks that I read a lot. well I do read but next to not at all. I think I am closer to what I wrote on the blue bicycle blog as a comment some time back that my own life reads like fiction to me these days.... ah this book called life! I read , I chew, I digest till it becomes me. Well sometimes its like a comic book ...too many dialogues and visuals with no story line or very little progression. I look for the page no. 123 but…