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together on this earth: are we strangers?

Those of us who are destiny’s own child they go on smiling: those of us who fall a prey into the cruel hands of destiny, it’s a different story altogether.
Those of us who wish to keep our eyes shut life is rosy;
This piece of writing is dedicated to all those...... for whom every tear that falls from any eye drops into their own heart .

Two days back I received the following e-mail which left me numb for some time. Please read on to find out about the kind of people we are living with in this world.

Dear All,
Outrage in South Africa
Last week a 3 year old girl in South Africa was beaten and raped. She is still alive. The man responsible was
released on bail yesterday. He is walking the streets. If you are too busy to read this then just sign your name and forward this on. The SOUTH AFRICAN Government is planning to close the child protection unit and this is a petition against it. This is a very important petition. It is an essential part of the justice system for children.
You may have alr…
What is beauty? Adam never asked. He was fresh. So was Eve. And so was this beautiful earth. Beauty was alive. Not a word. Not a concept. An experience that Adam and Eve could inhale. Everything was in the moment. There was no past no future. There was no comparison. No good. No better. No best. Everything was unique. Not better or worse but unique in its uniqueness. Then the mind crept in. Good and bad crept in. And entered a whole world of concept and knowledge. Over centuries beauty has had so many definitions. Broadly speaking Beauty is skin deep..... divine....... truth......... And today it is more physical than ever. Fairness of the skin? Color of the eyes? Hair? Emaciated looks? Great body? All definitions imprison beauty into narrow cells. I feel that beauty can only be an experience. As real as your breath. To me beauty is something that brings harmony to your inner being. That which reaches out to your inner space and gives you more silence than words. That which introduces you to yoursel…

who needs to be liberated?

Everyday I read that women need to be liberated. One question often comes to my mind: from what? What is it that a woman needs to be liberated from?
Equality is a definite yes-yes but at what cost?
In order to be equal to men why must a woman behave like a man, eat, dress act even abuse like a man? That’s selling the essence of a woman too short.
And does It not say that we are no good; we were born lesser so we shall become like you.
To fight against men women today are emulating them . Aggressive. Assertive. And in turn lose their femininity, grace, poise, beauty.
But who said that we need to fight against men in order to be equal? And who needs to be equal? To whom and why?
And what does a woman needs to be liberated from? Nothing at all. She just needs to be herself.
It is men who need to be liberated.
Liberated from the way they see women.
Liberated from the task of assigning roles for women.
Liberated from the way they put their own expectations on her of a demi-goddess.
Liberated from the…

the anxious earth

This one's once again about the world that was meant to be so wonderful but the growing insensitivity of people has given it its present face.

Newspapers scream (sell!!!)
An infant raped
A family ripped
by hired killers
A boy of eight kills another.
We sit in silence
Mummy Daddy and I
A sheet in each hand
sipping hot hot tea in a cold cold morning
We keep our eyes closed
to the walls for rumblings next door.
Anaesthetised to dead cries
We shall with our wet sponge
wipe blood splashes
off the smoke glass panes
in the lazy afternoons.
Electronic prints rise to meaning
in the misty mornings
and fall into endless maze.
We are afraid to go in crowds
lest there be a stampede.
Our own still drama in flux
Moves in linear expansion
We do not move nor change
but wait for time
to offer us
a set of new truths.
Their faces are so many.
Holding to morality as dogs to crumbs
Distrusting what scares us.
A fate hangs in futurity.
The events not in time
but experiences
ever rising, ever present
to lick thoughts into physic…

for you and me

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

This earth is such a lovely place to be. And love is just the right thing to happen to anybody.

Here’s a small note for you love birds.

The home that I chose
For you and me
Has no doors
Neither the walls
It’s just a space
A clear blue sky
Between you and me
And the brown earth beneath
Ah a world of fragrance, sights and sounds
Fill our senses
And melt into silences
You and I.

single woman on planet earth

to every womani know

Did you see this picture of a "single woman" on Mars recently? Alone amongst rocks in a surrounding that looks like a desert. And still seems to be having a good time!!

Imet this woman today.
All of 35 years. Sparkling. Smart. And best she says “single”.
She looked very happy and herself.
She was celebrating her divorce-ary.
Divorce-ary! Well that’s a new word in a woman’s dictionary these days.
With marriage vows going sour as fast as you pronounced them and ‘all over’ on issues like…….well you didn’t know how to squeeze the tooth-paste from the tube, it isn’t a grave matter anymore.
So is she the woman dumped by her husband, the abandoned wife? Huh? Just blessed enough to be left alone to her SELF. That’s the way my friend described herself. Single Woman- In control of her destiny.
Gone are those days when a single woman was seen as lonely, distraught, miserable. Fussy, Frustrated, Finished.
Today she is into a new avatar of a smarter, savvier and sexier icon. …