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single woman on planet earth

to every woman i know

Did you see this picture of a "single woman" on Mars recently? Alone amongst rocks in a surrounding that looks like a desert. And still seems to be having a good time!!

I met this woman today.
All of 35 years. Sparkling. Smart. And best she says “single”.

She looked very happy and herself.

She was celebrating her divorce-ary.

Divorce-ary! Well that’s a new word in a woman’s dictionary these days.

With marriage vows going sour as fast as you pronounced them and ‘all over’ on issues like…….well you didn’t know how to squeeze the tooth-paste from the tube, it isn’t a grave matter anymore.

So is she the woman dumped by her husband, the abandoned wife? Huh? Just blessed enough to be left alone to her SELF. That’s the way my friend described herself. Single Woman- In control of her destiny.

Gone are those days when a single woman was seen as lonely, distraught, miserable. Fussy, Frustrated, Finished.

Today she is into a new avatar of a smarter, savvier and sexier icon. ALONE, not lonely is the keyword. And FREE.

Sometimes calling it quits is not only the last resort but the healthiest. More creative. More Beautiful.

Being imprisoned in a love-less, hate-more relationships sucks all the sap from your life. Why not thank the man who you loved once so dearly for all the beautiful moments you shared and move away with gratitude.

Dragging through dark tunnels of false commitments can be so heart-breaking at times that they can drain you of all the positive emotions. What does one do with reluctant smiles, cold silences and unsaid withdrawals?When love has been dead a long time, there's no point in living in nostalgia.What's more precious? Memories? Or the moment?
Masks can be very painful because they are not you. They are only what-might-have-been if everything was right. Why hanker, why cling, why not realize that you’ve reached a plateau.

Life’s paths do not always go straight, they are more often entwined like the trees in a forest.

So move on.

Love is beautiful but when its gone, its gone.

Life moves. Every moment. In all its freshness. In all its beauty.


Smita Tewari said…
'Life moves in all its beauty...' What a lovely thought!
Why are you depriving us of your writing?

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