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tagged for the very first time

Can you hear me singing like Madonna…touched for the very first time…oh yyes I sure am so happy today. A blogger friend called sucharita considered me worthy enough to be tagged. So finally I am also tagged …ooops my blog is tagged ... oh the strange ways of this wonderful blogosphere…….and you naïve ones if you want to know what this tagging is then go ask others and come back and tell me... let me be happy for a while. I don’t know what this means but I am not a fool not to know that it surely is something very desirable in the blogging world.

Sucharita also thinks that I read a lot. well I do read but next to not at all. I think I am closer to what I wrote on the blue bicycle blog as a comment some time back that my own life reads like fiction to me these days.... ah this book called life! I read , I chew, I digest till it becomes me. Well sometimes its like a comic book ...too many dialogues and visuals with no story line or very little progression. I look for the page no. 123 but all the pages are locked with each other its difficult to say which is which. and in this endless chapter of life there is no fifth sentence, there are just two sentences the first which is always there and the first that is final.In fact some of my friends will even say that this whole life is a sentence! no puns intended.

But surely I need a book today like no other day. I am tempted to peep into one of Osho’s so that I can give you some nuggets of wisdom…but the rule sez what you are reading or whatever is next to you.
so ….
I look around fervently, sincerely, religiously…a book I must find and what I found strangely lying next to me is a book even more strangely written by me. And what was it doing there? It was picked up by me after it saw publication a year back for some references for the academic emergency for reading just two days back.

Here it goes like this…the name…That Inly Touch of Love, Shakespeare’s Women: A Psychological Insight. Its about all the comic books Shakespeare wrote as tragedies with the not so bold but very beautiful women in them. O Shakespeare lovers forgive me …remember the quality of mercy is like....well you know whatsit like.

sixth line onwards…

“Cleopatra stands transfigured on the brink of her death and is invested with a certain beauty and sublimity as she is emancipated from the constraints that she had built around herself , from the bourn that she had set and the imperfections that cling to human life.” ...................

Here are the friends I wish to tag (hmmm tagging them)

lady blue
lynda lehhman
white rose

And now what you have to do is just the same…pick up a book that you are reading…open page 123…leave the 5 lines and begin with the sixth. also give the name of the author and the book …don’t forget to mention the name of the person who tagged you…and go ahead tag five others…

p.s. my server is causing me immense trouble. it has refused to serve me even for an hour a day.and i the never say die ...well lets see....


Anonymous said… you have been TAGGED - indeed a moment of celebration for you dear jyotsana. It is somewhat of a rite of passage in the blogosphere.

So I am honored to be the first one tagged by you. It is the first time Lady Blue has been tagged as well ...

so we SHARE the experience .... though I am not certain mine shall be so erudite. We shall see.

much affection,
lady blue
Thanks for your prompt response (despite a bad server, but then tose who serve are bound to be moody, right?)

I loved the life = book/sentence analogy. Humour is the best medicine for life's ups and downs, don't you feel?

Academic stuff? Are you also an Eng Lit student/teacher/bhakt? What a co-incidence! BTW, you write sublimely well.
Thank you for tagging me :)
Will try to do it ;)

Liked the prose from Shakespeare...
Cheers dear
K.C. said…
I think I will get caught up somewhere in this tag by lady blue, somewhere.

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog by the way... very encouraging... KC
Same question as Sucharita. I'd guess a professor/teacher rather than a student? :) Loved the way you equated life with a book - beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Hello jyotsana,

ahh .... woman - i see people are beginning to see the depth within your words. we too often merely peer at the surface. such a pleasure to meet a kindred soul who dives beneath the surface of life and brings up treasures and heartaches to share with us.

i would say a student of life, as we all are on this journey.

the tagging has been completed, and i've had 4 i think responses thus far - dear cynthesis has already posted hers. tagging gives us the opportunity to broaden our 'blogosphere' circle and maybe discover a new delight along the way.

enjoy the new friends, dear one.

much affection,
lady blue
Anonymous said…
dear jyotsana,

daydreamer at writing chaos has posted his response on his blog, and Lotus has posted hers on my blog as a comment under the tagging post. so that makes 3. Both qugrainne and wordcrafter have made promises ... and i think K.C. might step up to the plate as well!

Wordcrafter said…
Jyotsana, I am in the dark as to tagging... but as you say if it is something desirable, let us go for it! I have carried on from where Lady Blue has led, and done the "tagging", instructions, etc... are on my "inspirational Others" blog, find link on my main page, or,
SunShine said…
I am not certain of 'tagging' either ~ and ~ find myself more new on blogger than most, so I really am unable to fulfill the requirements set forth. However, I shall leave you with the insight found on page 123 starting on line 6 of the book I am now reading. Oddly enough I was just 6 shy before getting there. Thx for thinking of me with the tagging. xo OH!!! And I am so happy you liked my recent entry. I am attempting to see my body in a new light - a partner with my soul, and the breathe is the slight barrier between my soul & body. My name, Melissa, is greek for "honey bee" ~ The rest just followed. I then proceeded to see the poetry in my thought and was born. Thx for your encouragement. It means a great deal to me. xo

Book : A New Earth
By: Eckhart Tolle

"There is a "me" that feels personally offended or resentful, and a huge amount of energy that could be used for solving the situation if it were not being misused by the ego. What is more, this "anti"-energy creates new obstacles, new opposition. Many people are truly their own worst enemy. "
sidhubaba said…
I just tagged you a second time. It is interesting to know which books are with us, I guess it tells a lot about a person.
Anonymous said…
Hey Thanks for stopping by!! I am glad that you like my blog!! LOL!! I am a single person releasing all of my thoughts there!! LOL!!

I like this tag also! seems you read some really good books!

I hope all is well with you and look forward to coming back here to your home in blogville!!

Sayani said…
AM TaGGing You for being a liberated soul and a beautiful woman
sidhubaba said…
You are welcome. If I have gathererd any 'wisdom' in life then it is that friends are everything. Friendship is the only relationship that lasts.
Lynda Lehmann said…

Thank you ever so much for tagging me. I will try to do this when I have time! Right now my husband and I are very busy with a massive home project that will last all summer!

I appreciate your thinking of me, and I enjoyed your very well written and engaging post!

Yes, life is a sentence with a confusing array of punctuation marks scattered within it....
Anonymous said…
The emancipation of death...a powerful concept to fall in those lines.
Hey I accepted your tag!
CHeck it out ;)

Thanks and I Need your support for my book please.

Sayani said…
some of the historians believe Shakespeare was a woman ...its amazing how he (she) defined woman nature !!!!

the book is fantastic !!!!
Jaquanda Rae said…
Hi, Jyotsana. I don't visit regularly. I know you've been tagged around 3 or 4 times now. But I don't have anybody else to tag! I'm really lame. lol. Soooooo, you've been tagged!
White Rose said…
I just wanted to say thanks for thinking of me for the tag. I have been around the bend with tagging and have decided not to do it.

This is one of the best tags I have received. If this had been my first one, I might not be so jaded now! lol

Sherry :D
Long time no post ???
Happy Father's Day
Sayani said…
hey u are fine?not seeing you long ?
stay well
Lynda Lehmann said…
jyotsana, I see here that you tagged me some time ago, and I thank you for that. I have my own thoughts about tags and memes which I think I will soon express on my blog. :)

Meanwhile, I don't see recent posts from you. I am hoping life is treating you very well and that you'll be posting more soon!
manpret kapor said…
I think it is amazing how God sometimes uses the smallest things to change a persons whole day around. I bet Roger had a better day just because you stopped and took an interest in him. Thanks for sharing Christ’s love.

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