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why not eliminate women completely?

Stop blaming the parents for female foeticide. A world without a single woman is what you fear? It shall be so one day.
I read a news item that said that there's a new Japanese game which has penetrated even the remote cities of India which is about how to rape a woman. It can be played by a number of men together. Here a woman can be seen as screaming for help, trying to protect herself in vain while the men can strip her clothes and do as they wish.
I wondered sometime back on Mumbai outrage and the irksome irresponsible comment of the police official who said that it was a little matter. A little matter that two women are attacked and molested by a mob of forty men. Everyday one hears of female infants being raped and killed by men as old as fifty. Is this the civilisation we are proud of? Is this a world worth living?

Why blame the parents who kill the foetus in the womb. At least they shall kill them with more love than bring them up lovingly and see them killed by a pack of forty wolves.
Females should be eliminated from this planet earth because there's no-one to listen to them. No-one to feel for them. No-one to realise that they are human - beings with flesh and blood. With as much pain, as much life, as much requirement to live with dignity as the other homo-sapien. And not to be treated as some toy, as some gadget.
Where are tell me all the values of nurturance and family gone? Where has all the love fled that one human had fo the other? Where has all the sensitivity vanished?

Sounds ridiculous. Sounds eccentric but the men should be left alone on this earth. To do as they wish to do amongst themselves. Let them rule, let them have all the fun and the freedom to do what they can dream of .
I feel that the gays are wise men. They have probably foreseen a world devoid of women one day and the ways to cope up with biological exigencies.
And if you are thinking that a world without even a single woman is going to be a world without men eventually. Fine. Why not have on earth animals looking like animals rather than have animals (or worse?) looking like human-beings?


Komilla said…
Fully endorse yr. views. The world in general and India in particular seems to have become an extremely unsafe place for women and it does not augur well for the coming year. i also see red when the general comments are that women dressing in a particular way are provocative and "asking for it" or that women should not be around after certain hours. i feel punitive action should be taken but not by the police but maybe by women themselves.
May the force be with you.
Komilla Thapa
vikrant said…
i can say only wow!!!
Kunjubi said…
I will not agree.. Then what happens to my mother, your mother and efveryone's mother? We all need them for their love and their sacrifice..Can't think such things.. You are cruel! cheers kunjubi
Anonymous said…
I realize that your post was an attempt at dark satire, but you're more on the mark in some ways than you think. Developments in technology are rapidly approaching the point where men and women alike will be rendered biologically unnecessary for human procreation. For instance, scientists are working on a way to develop eggs from men's cells which would eliminate the need for women's eggs:

They are also working on something similar which would allow women to fertilize their own eggs without the need for any man's sperm. Both of these developments will essentially free men and women from each other reproductively speaking, at least as far as genetic contributions for progeny are concerned.

Further, it won't be much longer until babies are carried to full term in artificial wombs, thus bypassing the need for women to be involved in the child birthing process in any way:

Artificial wombs are likely to be very liberating for both men and women. No longer will women be forced to submit to the draining effects of pregnancy if they want a child and no longer will men be forced to rely on women's services to produce children for them. This sort of technology may actually be especially vital in the West and Japan, where sub-replacement level birthrates threaten the demographic stability and structure of many nations.

With the reproductive ties that have bound men and women together since the start of the human species weakened - perhaps even severed - I don't think it's too far fetched to think that men and women will start to go off in their own separate ways. Men and women are different. I believe that some of the differences between men and women can be attributed to essential biological differences between the two sexes. Because of this, I think it's foolish to think that social changes or movements can ever 'solve' the 'problems' of male/female interaction. Those problems are inherent in our nature and are, I believe, fundamentally unsolvable on many important levels.

I don't think men and women will ever find some perfect 'balance' whereby they will become more compatible or better able to get along. I think the opposite will happen. I think that as technology frees men and women from their dependence on each other, the two sexes will naturally split apart over time and develop societies that reflect their own natures.

This split will be in the best interests of both sexes. Men and women want different things out of partners and relationships. These often contradictory desires are never completely solved in even the best of relationships. Technology promises, in the not too distant future, to allow us to create our own partners who will be designed from the start to suit our tastes and needs:

Such custom made lovers would be a better fit than any person we could realistically hope to meet by chance. A world in which we all have partners tailored to our individual needs promises to be much more satisfying than the current world in which our partners needs often conflict with our own. Men and women could easily find themselves far happier independent of any need of the other, with their artificial partners to keep them company and provide for them emotionally in ways a member of the opposite sex could never hope to.

I think that technology will allow men and women to split apart and create their own independent societies. I think when this happens many men - and many women - will decide they'd rather live in a world (or at least a society) that is free from the opposite sex. I think your words are somewhat prophetic, although I don't believe they were intended to be.
Pradip Biswas said…
1.It appears that all the men suddenly became insane. Going by average, women are respected in india originating from the thought of so many goddess whom we men worship. Devi Durga is worshipped in the major parts of India. Do not cut the head if there is a headache.
2. An insane may do all kind of thing including killing and burning his own house.
3. God has gifted the women with a "third eye", the power of intution. Applying this many women may come to know through their rader screen the possible invaders.
4. Even then this happens because of the circumstances and particulary to women unaware of minimum self defence.
Donot erradicate women, they are a part of the beautiful word, but expose them to self defence tranings. Make them Devi Durga with all possible weapons to kill a single demon but get worshipped by the millions of males.

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