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till death do us part….???

Like a Cross
I bear over my shoulders
The weight
Of a dead matrimony
The single parent of your child
Left alone
To answer my own inadequacies
Nails pierce
I never bleed
Tears fall
Into the black holes of the night.
I trudge uphill
Golgotha continues…..
… So what’s in store
I look into the hollow sky
I murmur
A prayer insignificant
Lord forgive
I too am flesh and blood.


life is good said…
thats a wonderful reflectional post !!!
SunShine said…
I can feel every pang of your emotions in this poem. It's hard to wrestle with our spirit and our human side...our soul and ego...especially when life shifts to change our lives and perspective of life. Looking at the big picture is one thing, and narrowing our vision to see the small details is equally important without getting stuck on either one. The poem reaches deep and is quite passionate.
Kunjubi said…
Jyostna... first time I come across your blog. I am lucky. This is truly a pathetic story of a distressed mind.There is a despair lurking deep inside the mind, trying to come up as a bubble and burst out its contents..I love the pathos..It leads to a mood of melancholy. You are a class!... Inimitable...Congrats. Keep it up.. cheers. kunjubi
Stacey said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stacey said…
Very powerful words that speak )volumes! ;-)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your comments :-)
Jyotsana, that was such a heartfelt poem. Motherhood is tough, motherhood-all-alone is doubly-tough and tiring. But I'm sure, it's doubly-rewarding too. God bless you and your child.
S.Ghosh said…
a real anticipation of a wailing heart...very touchy is a great potential to explain it so beautifully ....loved it so much
take care
wordcrafter said…
Tears falling into the black hole of the night... a poignant and powerful
akaash said…
great post jyotsna.
anonymous jones said…
Oh no, now I'm totally bummed! Very depressing poem. How much does it suck to be female sometimes? I read your previous post, too: that was a pretty scummy thing to do to leave his wife and kid like that, hey? Thanks for visiting my blog - I checked out your paintings blog: they're great!
Sayani said…
i changed my profile name ...for u b'coz u wanted to know me ...i m glad to share so many things with you and will be in coming days ...till then keep well
Random me said…
This is beautiful, sad and very honest. Nice piece.
Marc said…
You transfered your inner world perfectly through this piece. It still reverberates in me.

Vartika said…
Very moving!
If that's not fiction, I wish u well!
luckysanjana said…
oops too serious stuff for me Jyothsana. besides today my mind is on vacation so forgive me.....most of it went over my head so i better not say anything today.........take care.........ill be a more serious frame of mind........
twicedoubleyou said…
Nice one, jyotsana! Beautiful poem..So real, pure and touches me deeply.
Also thank u for your comments on my blog recently.
Annette (blog Eye/UK diaries) showed me your blog when I was with her in the UK two weeks ago...W
Dorlana said…
What a haunting poem.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.

K. Fields said…
Simply Amazing how such few carefully chosen words can sum up a lifetime of feeling!
Great post!
Jaquanda Rae said…
I really enjoyed your poem. The whole idea of the martyr with the cross, emotionally devastating. Thanks for your comments on "family" sorry to take so long to reply.
the basu said…
very touching...i understand that u r a firm believer,so i hope He'll be rewarding ur bravery.i wish u well.
Anonymous said…
i too am flesh and blood ...

so now i'm doubly crying from your post above regarding the two lovers and now this ...

every word becomes a nail. every non-word a hammer that drives the nail ...

indeed - hollow sky: tell me, when does it end?
its_me said…
while i was posting commnt i found every word becoming small.... in fornt of what you have written...

i would say very touchy and rest u knw all......
Smita Tewari said…
I keep coming back to this poem, again & again. Perhaps, 'coz I identify with it so much, & also because there's so much of the 'you' in there which is hardly ever visible otherwise,. You have always put up a v. brave front! But keep on writing...
Bhuvan Gupta said…
Nice one.. full of feelings and emotions

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