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if gautam buddha were a mother

He would have never left for dense forests… matter what was at stake….it could have been an entire eternity .
Leaving Yashodhara his wife was no big deal. This could have been the story of an ordinary man in quest of anything but self.
To be able to leave Rahul, his son…is the question. If Buddha were a mom he would have never been able to forsake his small son …not for anything….not even Self. History has been a witness that even enlightened women or women in quest of Truth have never abandoned their children in favor of even God Himself.
Before leaving his innocent child sleeping …these probably would have been the thoughts that would have troubled him or rather her….to trace just a few... .
She would have looked at him again and again and yet again only to think…
Who would feel for you dear son with the same one-ness with you as I do….feel the tears in one’s eyes and smiles in one’s heart as I do..
Who will wake up in the middle of the night when you are in fever to see that everything is fine and what else could be done ...
… pray fervently asking God to give all the pains to me so that you can sleep well ...
Who will keep an eye, an ear on you wherever you are ...
Who will act terribly angry with you without ever being angry because you need to be taught what must be. It doesn’t matter what you think about me what matters is that your direction in life should be safe and happy. Who will teach you not just the language but the delicate nuances...not just what life is but its variant hues...fall when you fall, rise when you rise...see not just your face but all the little little lines that keep changing every moment and that talk to me even you even when you are so criminally wrong, embrace you when you need it the most...
And though I am tender myself I know I can protect you like a lioness and not let any harm touch you as long as I am alive...
See that you are prepared in every way to face this world when I am really gone and wish at the same time that though you may not forget me but you shall never need me because I am leaving you a strong, independent, mature individual now….
And what cannot be scribbled is the powerful world of feelings that a mother feels inside her…..this she Gautam Buddha would have definitely asked herself if I cannot love you with sincerity and totality will I be able to love Him who gave you to me? Shall I not be ungrateful to the Lord for such a lovely gift as you my son?

With gratitude and love to my mom who made me whatever I am today.


This is lovely. Every Mom's thought are like this, I think. We all hope our children will grow to be whole and independant and find happiness. Thank you for this wonderful post.
Eric said…
Very illuminating!

Although I've admired many of Buddha's insights and quotes, leaving his wife and children does seem very peculiar on some basic, earthly level.

It's also a wonderful way to introduce Mother's Day. Thank you for sharing this essay. As an American, I've never seen someone write about this aspect of the Illuminated One!
This is such an unusual way of looking at the Budhdha's life-story, and obviously, it reflects your ability to think deeply and out-of-the-box. A truly wonderful post, and wish you and your little one a very happy mother's day, too. I sincerely, sincerely admire the way you think, so deeply, so compassionately, so motherly-ly. Lots of love and good wishes.
S.Ghosh said…
i really don't know how to appreciate you- 'a wise mother" or a "wise woman" or an "enlightened human"
tho' i think you are all the three.
jhotsana may be that is why in "vedas" it is said mother is the manifestation of God Himself .
the way you can reason out is awesome
you are so very right .... whenevr i am sick my mom(she stays away from me)somehow come to know and she worriedly calls me up ....
i understand mom always have their umbilical cord attached with their kids in every way..physically ,spiritually and mentally
.....thanks jyotsaan for this wonderful post .
happy mothers' day
keep well
the basu said…
well,you've gotten me emotional now;personally i always end up takin ma for granted n hurt her the most maybe;but prolly love her the most too :)very well expressed n happy mommie day!
Shellie said…
I guess that's why Buddha was a man, because that's exactly how all moms think and feel. What a wonderful mother's day post.
Jackie said…
Beautiful Mother's Day post! It brings a new appreciation for the day, and for Buddha. Nothing can beat a mother's love for her child - very thoughtful!
Wiz Writers said…
Thats really a true hypothetical statement...though i love my father more but i can bet upon the saying that fathers can never be mothers. cheers to womanhood and motherhood....!!!
White Rose said…
I think through the love of your son,
you have found God. This was beautiful and thought provoking!
SunShine said…
Wow! I just read this piece and the insight it gave me, along with a new strength that I constantly seek, is dynamic. I have felt all these emotions of thoughts about and for my child. You have shed new light on something quite profound. Thank you.
Ratnadeep said…
This is the difference between ordinary people and the great people. Ordinary people first think about themselves while great people think about others. Buddha proved serving the world is more important and hence showed the path of renunciation. Ordinary people would have renounced the world for their family, just the opposite of Buddha. By renouncing his family, he spread peace and harmony in the world. So what is wrong in this? Today we sadly don't have anyone who thinks alike Buddha or else world would have been much better place to live in.
Even Bhagvad Gita says we need to remove all kinds of attachments and serve the God. In Mahabharata Dhritarashtra always kept his family ahead of him and thus destroyed the dynasty. Hence we should first think of society ahead of anything else.
jyotsana said…
thnx for posting comment on my blog.
i dont think, ratnadeep, that gautam left his house for others, it was for himself that he did so. every inner journey is a quest for one's self not the other. what he did later on was the fruit of his enlightenment.just as when the lamp is lit it gives light irrespective of who you are.
when he left his house he was simply gautam not buddha-the enlightened one.
in my post i only meant to say that the mother's bond with the child is such that the eternity can wait. have you read that story of pundareek and vithoba?
Ratnadeep said…

One of the reason Siddharta had left his house was he wanted to find out the cause of all the sufferings in the world. When he saw the world to be suffering, he decided to find out the cause of that and the way to go out of that.

Anyway even if sacrificing the family is wrong still Buddha will remain God. As during the churning of the ocean, poison came before nector and those who drank nector were God but the person who drank poison was God of Gods. Similarly to achieve something great we must renounce some other precious thing. Buddha's acceptance of renunciation made him the God. Similarly Lord Ramachandra is called God as he always thought about his people and thus renounced Sita and took agnipariksha from Sita.
Hence the bottom line is renunciation. If one wants to serve the world, then s/he must renounce. Buddha proved this.
Ratnadeep said…
I have read Gita. However nowhere I found the fact that mother's affection to child can make eternity wait.
jyotsana said…
hi ratnadeep,
you are so young and your interest in the other-world is worthy of note. i love gautam buddha just as much as you purpose in writing this was not to find any fault in the adorable enlightened being.....this was only a piece meant to drive home a certain point ...
renunciation is beautiful if it happens on its own and is not self-coerced ....renunciation definitely was a flowering in the case of buddha...because he was a prince and so was Ram...and they are gods....and so are we both you and i....only that we hve not realised ourselves....but renunciation not of the worldly goods but of the mind is relevant that leads us into attachments and involvements.
the mentioned story is not from gita is a story popular in maharashtra... i'll let u know the deatails.
Ratnadeep said…

only that we hve not realised ourselves....but renunciation not of the worldly goods but of the mind is relevant that leads us into attachments and involvements.

This is the difference between God and man. We always think about dreams and in the mean process try to harm the society.

BTW, plz tell me the story Pundrik and Vithoba.I want to get it from you even though I can google it.
Ratnadeep said…
Also I feel if Buddha was in renouncing his son, then Kunti was hundred times more wrong in renouncing her son. At least Buddha gave his son his identity and for a noble cause renounced his son, but Kunti did it for her benefits. It is strange that the Lord is pinpointed but nothing is said of Kunti.
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