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the mother is born

There was a time I must confess when I did not want to become a mother. I wondered why people were over populating this beautiful earth. I always felt that people should bring babies from the orphanage and love them as their own which is something I feel for even today. Why have surrogate mothers, why have cousins or relatives reproduce for you when there are so many in the world waiting for you.
Destiny however chooses its own course.
Six years back I became mamma to my beautiful daughter. Six years back I became mamma to every child.
And then gradually as my heart melted for any child whom I knew or knew not, it dawned to me why motherhood is so important a milestone in the journey of a woman as a woman.
Some women give birth to a number of children and never become mothers.
Some women never conceive never give birth to a single child and are mothers in every sense of the word.
Motherhood does not seem to be a word coined for women who merely become instruments in the hands of nature simply to give to the world the species of their own kind and to populate the earth.
The day the child is born to you it is not the birth of a child alone it is the birth of a new woman....the birth of a mother.
Motherhood surely is a quality of one's being.It is a total alchemy. It is more about patience, selflessness, listening to the other, empathy, reponsiveness and above any thing else......unconditional love...........the ability to give and give.......without ever asking for returns, without ever asking why and without ever closing one's heart.
(the photo given above is that of Sushmita Sen, former Miss Universe and an actor alongwith her daughter whom she adopted from an orphanage years back when Ms. Sen was very young. I respect her for not only this but for the beautiful relationship she shares with her child.)


Gene said…
I agree with you.. the best gift that a mother can ever have is a child =). Thank you for visiting my blog ever so regularly =). It brings out the passion to tell the world more of the things around me as I see it =)

Feel free to grab any of my pictures. (I hope I can get my hands on a digital SLR camera to provide better shots but I know I can only be contented with what I have).

Gene said…
If you wouldn't mind, I would love to link your website to me.

thanx a ton for revisiting my blog and helping out with tips re. photos.
you are absolutely spot on, motherhood is alchemic - it transforms us totally! I have two daughters, one is nearly seven, one is just two, so we all appreciate the sisterhood of women which you demonstrated through your helping hand to me.
S.Ghosh said…
jyotsana i appreciate for such a lovely compositon on motherhood...may be thats why women are considered so devine....

and last but not the least your visit keep me write well...thanks

and as promised to you am posting the snaps....
luckysanjana said…
Hey jyotsna

Im so glad you stumbled on my blog. hehe and you arethe frist to leave your footprints behind. thank you. you have such awonderful space. ive saved you to favorites so im going to come back to read some more. ITs right what you said about motherhood. ive been married for thirteen years and i chose not to have children partly for the reasons you mentioned but also for the fact that i thought i could be able to do much more if i didn thave my own. i look around and all around i find parents pampering their children. while normal kindergarten worked just fine for us its go tto be kangaroos, tree house for the new borns. the fees a whopping 25,000. it seems like a sad waste that we will spend that kin dof money on our own children when everyday we come across children who have no access to any kind of education. Parents want to give the best to their children. but wher edo you stop where do you draw the line. thats just it you cant draw the line when tis your own flesh and blood. i became a mother when i was eighteen years old. and it was wonderful. my sister gave birth to my niece and i became a mother in the same moment. ive been lucky to lavish all my motherly feelings on her. i truly believe that no woman is complete until she has had the taste of mother hood. that said i agree with you you dont have to carry the baby for nine months in yourwomb to be a mother. All woman are blessed with the innate nature of motherhood. its a genetic code recorded in the x gene. hehe. i think ive taken up enuf of space. ill be along feel free to come an dvisit me anytime and you will always be special becoz you were the first on my space.
Sheena said…
loved this.
Eye! said…
Thanks for sharing that piece of prose. Really loved it. Although I am not a mother, I do feel one sometimes.
I suppose it's the reason we are on this earth; to reproduce and bring forth. I had similar views as yourself (not wanting to add to population or bring a child into this world etc.) but as your female instinct kicks in and time is ticking on things change. Who knows, maybe one day.. I'm glad you are a proud and good mother, as every child deserves one. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog too. It's a difficult time. Nice to read about people who care. x
Kathy said…
Thanks for you comment. I love your blog, yours posts are really thought provoking. Unfortunately I think a lot of moms don't see their duty as being a gift, but more of a burden. I run a daycare and I'm always sad for these kids who's moms don't have time for them and enjoy them. I wish they could see that their babies are blessings.
White Rose said…
Thanks so much for the comments.

This post was so beautiful! And this really touched me ("Some women give birth to a number of children and never become mothers.
Some women never conceive never give birth to a single child and are mothers in every sense of the word.")

I am gong to create a link to your page so I can visit often. :D
Stacey said…
Hi jyotsna,
A great post.....

"Some women give birth to a number of children and never become mothers. Some women never conceive never give birth to a single child and are mothers in every sense of the word."

Thank you for your comment on my blog, and as you know I completely agree with your words.... being a "Mother" is the most wonderful gift that can ever be given, a "Mother" protects, and like you stated never would close their hearts to their children- unconditional love.... :-D

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