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woman i know

Woman I see you
turning dross to gold
seducing words to poetry
in the white heat of passion
Woman I hear
you have crossed roads
those streaks of hair
now burn like stars
catching sparks and a zillion desires
Woman i feel
you burn yourself to ash
to be an amber once....................


Marc said…
The reader feels the words, senses the images. Bravo.
luckysanjana said…
Woho!!! i simple loved the end. but i beg to differ--- women she tunrs to amber at will.............
Gene said…
Hey =) thank you so much for visiting my blog ever so regularly. I really appreciate it. Cos sometimes I have the thoughts that my blog isn't that interesting that so few people read it.

I love your poem. =)
akaash said…
Ah woman! [:)]
thnaks again jyotsana for visiting my blog. poetry suits you very much, because you have such profound thoughts on women and their essence/condition/hopes/dreams. do write poetry more often
S.Ghosh said…
And I see an excellent creation (poetry - woman i know) born from another beautiful woman ....

proud for you.....:)
Jackie said…
Hi Jyotsana, what a beautiful poem - and in answer to your question, I do meditate, and how strange that we came up with the same ideas - the power of presence is certainly not a coincidence,

Anonymous said…
Hello... Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoy yours as well. The simple on the switch to wordpress is that I think it is easier to use and track comments, and has more capability around customization.

Have a beautiful day.
Long time no visit, no post. Taking time off? Well, in the meantime I have opened a new blog, Past Continuous at
Do visit and share your memories of growing up, I'm sure you have interesting ones to share.
Hope things are fine with you. Lol
Random me said…
Beautiful poem prompting some very vivid images.

rohit said…


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wordcrafter said…
Ah... becoming amber, what a stunning image you have conjured there.
the basu said…
vivid imagery conjured up by your subtle use of words..very nice!
venus66 said…
Beautiful poem.

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